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Hi there I just had a crown today put on #19 and I’m feeling a
bit anxious about the whole thing. I really wasn’t told any
information unless I explicitly asked what was going on so I would
just appreciate a second opinion or some reassurance that I won’t
mess anything up.

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I went today to get the mold and they went ahead and drilled the
tooth and placed a temporary crown on it. During the procedure, I
could feel some of what they were doing as they got inside of the
tooth so they administered more septocaine which did drip onto my
tongue so I was thoroughly numb. When they were fitting the
temporary mold, they kept asking how it felt but to be quite honest
I couldn’t feel much of anything. Now, the part of the temp that
is on the inner part of my bite feels like it’s sticking out too
far and I can’t stop touching it with my tongue. It feels as if
it is jutting out too far and any kind of pressure could lift it
from that edge.

I’m afraid I’ll pop off the temp crown so in addition to no
sticky foods and as I floss to pull the floss through the teeth
rather than upwards, is there anything I can do to make sure it
stays put for 3 weeks until the crown is put on?

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