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Flossing is great; you should absolutely do it. But, even if you
are a flossing fanatic, there is still a chance that you are making
a few mistakes. Don’t worry though, you can correct these.

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1. Flossing “The Wrong Way”

You should be gently flossing in an up-and-down motion, rather
than a side-to-side “sawing” one. Be very careful, too!

2. Flossing Sporadically (Or Not At All)

Flossing is really, really important for your overall oral
. Left-behind bits and pieces can wind up trapped between
your teeth or in your gums. You don’t want them staying put
around, trust us.

Stick to a flossing routine. Twice a day, before brushing. If
you do not floss consistently,
you will likely end up with bleeding gums
…and more serious
dental issues, in the future.

3. Flossing With A Not-Great Product Pick

Yes, some floss options are better than others
! Look for
the ADA Seal
of Acceptance
 on your
, after you narrow down what exactly you are looking for
(i.e. waxed/unwaxed, flavored, etc.). You can also ask your dentist
for a personalized recommendation!

You’re all set now. No excuses!


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