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Preamble: I will be running my second 50 this year. I am a back
of pack runner and I run for enlightenment, mostly. I have not
really shared my story in full. Today seemed to be the best time to
remind myself why I run!

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My first ultra story, UTA50 2018.

It was an incredibly stunning sunshiny day at the Blue
Mountains. I had significantly more friends doing the UTA this year
than last. In a strange way, you want to do good not just for
yourself but also for them. Maybe this is what they call

My only goal was to finish the 50 regardless of time (as long as
it was under 10 hours haha), and to enjoy every minute of it. I
made sure to look up and around me from time to time and photograph
the magnificent outdoors.

I knew the course pretty much from start to finish having
trained there. This knowledge held me in good stead. I knew exactly
where the toilets were (quite important this), when to use my
poles, what to do at each checkpoint and even when to eat. What
else do you really do for 10 hours?

In a word, my first 50KM Ultra was remarkable. Of course, it was
bloody hard up a million stairs (I am not exaggerating this). And
it was a hard slog the last 22kms as you can see in the course’s
elevation chart. But I already expected that and accepted the
suffering. Just dig deep! I am grateful that none of my niggles
flared (left shin, left knee, right glutes).

I am relieved that everything went according to plan. The salt
tablets worked its magic of keeping any cramping at bay. Walking
backwards on some parts of Furbers Stairs has become a habit of
mine. I could probably use less of my 5 toilet breaks, less
fumbling with my hiking poles, and less of my overpacking. I must
remember that less is more. Manh, my shoulders are still sore from
lugging extra water and other just-in-case ‘stuff’ for 10 hours
and 26 minutes.

One highlight for me was meeting Lynelle at KM25 with whom I had
a photo with. We were pretty much at pace the whole way. She called
me her “50 friend” as we grunted and groaned down valleys and
up hills. She recognised me in the dark (about 6pm) at the top of
Furber Stairs. She exclaimed – “Oh, it is my 50 friend, we
should finish together!” How could I say no to that?? So my plan
to finish with an almighty fist pump went out the window. Instead,
I held hands with a wonderful stranger as we sprinted (yes we
sprinted because surprise surprise – we still had legs!) the last
100 meters to the finish line!

UTA50 was my best finish ever. I was screaming madly along with
the amazing crowd down the finish chute. Seeing friends at the
finish line was fantastic. I am forever grateful to all of YOU (you
know who you are) for waiting for me (sorry I took awhile). This
memory I will cherish forever.

Trail running is not an individual sport at all. It is a tribe

Postscript: I am back this year and running the 50 with deep
intention. Three weeks ago, my best friend suffered a stroke from a
ruptured aneurysm. This shook me to my very core and left me deeply
aware of how much I love her and how frail we truly are. Every step
I take will be a celebration of my friend’s second life.

My first UTA50 was an adventure into myself, of finding out what
I can do. This year, my second UTA50 will be a moving prayer of
gratitude from start to finish!

Thank you for reading and happy trails!

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